Pictricity for Windows

Resize, optimize and watermark multiple images

Pictricity is an application that automates common image tasks such as watermarking, resizing and optimization, as well as others. The real power of Pictricity is that it can save you hours of editing and converting your digital photos with just a few clicks of the mouse.

It works by letting you create a list of processes to apply to each image in a folder. Most of these processes can be further customized and refined to suit your needs. You can even view a preview image as you work, to better gauge how the final results will look.

Have a look at all the tasks you can perform with Pictricity:

  • Insert Antialiased/shadowed text with ability to display EXIF data on the image
  • JPEG Optimization: Compress the JPEG output so as to take up less disk space/bandwidth
  • Resizing: Optional aspect ratio preservation, 13 resize filters (Speed vs Quality), scaling
  • Watermarking: Insert an copyright or identifying visual tag into each of your images
  • Effects: Find edges, internal and external shadows, insert lens, wave and round corners
  • Greyscale & Sepia, Negative & Tint, Sharpen & Blur filters
  • Flip, mirror & rotate image around custom angle with antialiasing.
  • Steganography with Encryption: Hide files or text within your images using optional encryption
  • Adjust RGB levels, Brightness & Contrast, Hue, Saturation & Luminence
  • Auto-enhance tool for a quick optimization

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Pictricity 1.10

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